About Express Electric

Express Electric has been locally owned since 1992 and is a leader in the construction industry.

Express became an employee-owned company in 2017.

When we opened our doors more than 26 years ago, we had a staff of 2. In 2017, we had more than 70 employees across NW Washington.

Express Electric is a dynamic company known for its casual, team-oriented work environment. In addition, Express offers excellent benefits and competitive wages.


We exist because we believe the community deserves a quality electrical contractor who develops a relationship with its customers and employees.


We all do our PART (Passion, Ambition, Respect, Teamwork)


We provide creative electrical solutions for our customers.


We will succeed by instilling confidence in our clients through hiring, affirming, and developing employees that will do the PART.

What People Are Saying

With a 3.5 million-cubic-foot cold storage facility, Versacold Cascade of Lynden, Washington needs to know its electrical contractor is reliable and versatile. Dennis at Express Electric meets that qualification. “He knows our plant and has done most of the work here. We can trust him, and we know what to expect,” says Versacold’s Dan Shuler. “Meeting Roger and Chad, I felt good about our relationship with them. You know they’ll come if you have an issue.”Express did the wiring for a 41,000-square-foot addition at Versacold, and a climate control dock, and the work was done right. “If Dennis doesn’t like the way something gets done, it gets done again,” Shuler says. “We don’t have to watchdog it.”

Mark Lemna, plant manager of Barleans in Ferndale, Washington, has used Express’ industrial division to install the automation in his new line, do the wiring in his new building, and complete various equipment hookups. “We have worked with them a very long time,” Lemna says, “and have a good relationship. They’re reliable; stuff gets done right; and we get well taken care of.”